written by Rhea Leman, directed by Sargun Oswan

* * * * Jyllands Posten
… the performance is comical because playwright Rhea Leman has written a funny, but well-functioning mixture of farce and everyday realism and because the newly trained director, Sargun Oshana magnifies the emotions, so they end up as animal sounds …  but soon dampens down to credible and intimate dialogue.
Henrik Lyding, Jyllands-Posten

* * * * Herning Folkeblad
… is grotesque, freaky and cartoon-like, highlighted by pastel-colored costumes, detailed props, color scheme in pink, purple, turquoise, tight set design and a nutty instruction. The text is free-flowing, with a lot of catchy lines.
Ann Helen Hvelplund, Herning Folkeblad

* * * * Kulturtid
The three actors, Hans Henrik Clemensen, Signe Barfoed and Nanna Buhl Andresen are entertaining, amusing making this an easy drama that despite the seriousness, makes you go from the theater with a smile and a few catchy evergreens on your lips – “I feel nice, like sugar and spice!”
Carsten Gjerløv, Kulturtid



With the mushroom cloud as the Cold War terror emblem in the background, Ethel and Julius sing their story, so the warning signs and the thoughts about their tragic end, weaves together in a narrative marked by sweetness, vulnerability and tremendous willpower.”
Politiken, Thomas Michaelsen

“The composer Joachim Holbek has created a lymph-like flow of empathetic chamber music, and the playwright and choreographer Rhea Leman has given the two singers in The Rosenbergs a moving, almost intravenous text and movement patterns which encompasses all shades of being lost, now that death has happened and every attempt to look back reveals unbearable abysses.”
WeekendAvisen, Peter Johannes Erichsen

“The singers give a very impressive presentation in the beautifully directed musical drama where the singing is excellent.
Frederiksborg Amtsavis, Mikael Krakrup




“ … one of the most welcomed and moving performances of this season.”

“The inner gorilla comes to life faster than you can imagine in Rhea Leman’s excellent play about the financial crisis and five men’s fear of getting fired.”
Anne Middelboe Christensen, Information October 2012

“Rhea Leman has written a beautiful text. It waves a flag of parody, fiercely ridiculing our private emotions that are generated under the falsity of corporate empathy.”
***** Kirsten Dahl, Århus Times, Januar 2015

“Successful Danish office comedy about the jungle in a large, engineering company that’s threatened financially. A witty and realistic comedy " .
Henrik Lyding, Jyllands Posten

“… good theater that’s performed so well that it gives you both something to laugh at and something to think about - maybe while you’re looking in the mirror.”
Vagn Buch, Herning Times, October 2012

“Even though the performance never resorts to the feel-good-trap, it’s very entertaining. So go and see it before your HR boss does.”
Dorthe Kolding, Herning Weekly October 2012


“Gorilla held my interest from start to finish in it’s exploration of the inherent conflicts when vulnerable humans attempt to be inhuman corporate drones.”
Adrienne Urbanski, Theater is Easy, May 2013

“This is a satisfying piece of theater, with a story that gets you somewhere – even if, as the lights fade to black, you’re not exactly sure where you’ve ended up.”
R.L. Brody NYC Theater Review, May 2013



“Hitler’s right-hand man, Joseph Goebbels reappears in Rhea Leman’s fantastic play, that brings the audience physically close to the truth of The Third Reich. Hitler On the Roof is maybe the theater season’s most kinky title but Rhea Leman’s play also proves to be one of the season’s most interesting.”
Anne-Middelboe Christensen, Information, May 2011

“What if Joseph Goebbels hadn’t died at the end of W.W.2? What if he was still alive, living in Hitler’s Führerbunker , sending nazi propanganda through his radio program: Radio Free Goebbels! That’s the imaginative premise for Rhea Leman’s political satire with the sassy title “HITLER ON THE ROOF.”
Jakob Steen Olsen, Berlingske Tidende

“Brutally provoking.”
Gregers Dirckinck-Holmfeld,

“Intense, moving and comical … original and fierce entertainment… a combination of tragedy, comedy and honesty.”
***** Julie Callesen,



The tragic comedy is based on how the youth was used in the Hitler’s Germany when they were working to convert the German people into Nazis through the culture and value’s propaganda. Here, Goebbels gives today's young audience an introduction to, "The talent of Dr. Goebbels'”, hoping to repeat the success from his golden days.

Goebbels ' Time is, thanks to a magnetizing and dazzlingly beautiful spectacle achievement and an excellent text, has become a terrifying and important performance.

Goebbels ' Time is both breathtaking and disturbing.
****** Kirsten Dahl, The children’s theater magazine (